Warning Signs Of A Bad Doctor

Warning Signs Of A Bad Doctor

Doctors in Maryland have a tremendous responsibility to their patients to provide safe and effective care. However, since not all healthcare professionals take their responsibility seriously enough, it is important for you to be on the lookout for warning signs of a negligent or incompetent doctor. Here at Wilson & Parlett Injury Lawyers, we understand how important your health is, and we work to protect our clients who have suffered from medical neglect or malpractice.

MD Magazine identifies some behaviors which should raise red flags about a doctor's competency. First, you should gauge your doctor's interaction with you. If he or she portrays an air of indifference or lack of interest, you may want to look elsewhere for your medical care. Your doctor should show attentiveness when you communicate your health concerns, and he or she should also be willing to ask follow up questions in order to understand your condition more fully. Your doctor should be confident and knowledgeable enough to make recommendations for your care, but he or she should also respect your wishes.

Since medical professionals are continually making new discoveries and advancements in their field, it is important for your doctor to be aware of current recommendations. Offering outdated advice could mean that your doctor is not devoting adequate attention to professional development, which is so crucial for healthcare providers. Attention to detail is also important. If your doctor regularly makes mistakes or forgets details, that could be an indication of a larger problem with your overall care. Our webpage provides more information about medical malpractice and the severe consequences that can result.


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