Is It Illegal to Drive Barefoot in Maryland?

Is It Illegal to Drive Barefoot in Maryland?

Have you ever been headed to or from the beach in Maryland when you hopped into the car wearing flip-flops or no footwear at all? If you had the average experience that most people do, then someone in your car probably warned you that driving barefoot or in sandals is illegal, so you could get ticketed if you get pulled over. Is there any truth to the legal myth that barefoot or flip-flop-footed driving is illegal, though?

No. It is not illegal to drive barefoot or in flip-flops in Maryland. Actually, Maryland and all other 49 states allow you to decide your footwear when driving, even if that means no footwear is worn at all.

Why Do So Many Drivers Think Barefoot Driving is Illegal?

The rumor that barefoot driving is illegal is widespread enough that it is one of the top driving rule questions Maryland residents ask Google. It is so prevalent that we felt compelled to discuss it here in this blog entry. Where did the rumor start, though?

It is most likely that people started assuming that driving with flip-flops or while barefoot was illegal because it seems naturally unsafe. After all, most laws are put in place to stop people from doing something that could endanger themselves and others.

If you have ever driven barefoot for the first time in a while, then you know how strange the pedal can feel against your foot. The unusual sensation can be perturbing enough to distract you from driving. Your foot can also be more susceptible to slipping off the pedal than a shoe with rubber grips, which can be problematic enough to risk a car accident.

People probably assume it is unlawful to drive with a flip-flop due to their risk of slipping off your feet. Sandals are designed to slide off easily, such as when you want to kick them off before going in the pool. While you are driving, they could pop right off your feet, get jammed in the pedals, and cause a crash.

We and most safety groups highly advise you wear comfortable shoes whenever you are behind the wheel. Whether it is slipping on a shoe or silencing the radio, anything you can do to reduce your chances of getting into a car accident is always the right choice.

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