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Can I Get Workers Compensation From My Commuting Crash?
Can I Get Workers Compensation From My Commuting Crash?

This will depend on the facts surrounding your Maryland accident and work situation. The general rule would have it that you cannot receive benefits from workers’ compensation insurance due to an injury sustained on your commute. As explained by Chesapeake Employers ...

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  • How Can My Teenaged Son, A New Driver, Best Avoid Accidents?

    As reported by Edmunds, when driving locally in areas he is generally familiar with, he should familiarize himself with his vehicle’s blind spots . As ...

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  • How Do I Tell If Nursing Home Is Abusing My Grandmother?

    Abuse against your grandmother and other Maryland nursing home residents can occur in a number of ways. That is why it is so important that you, as a ...

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  • New App Promotes Distracted Driving

    As the holiday season is in full swing, residents in Maryland may well be concerned about drunk drivers being on the road. That is a legitimate ...

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  • A Surgeon's Error, But A Patient's Medical Bill

    Doctors are professionals people can trust -- or, that is ideally the case. Nevertheless, countless patients in Maryland are devastated to find that a ...

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  • The New Distraction Of Auto Industry Touch-Screens

    The fact that distracted driving in Maryland is a high-risk activity is not new information. Typically, one thinks of people talking or texting on ...

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  • Warning Signs Of A Bad Doctor

    Doctors in Maryland have a tremendous responsibility to their patients to provide safe and effective care. However, since not all healthcare ...

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  • Hospital Visit Reveals Horrific Signs Of Nursing Home Neglect

    It is often said that patient care (particularly care for the elderly) should be a collaborative effort between patients, family members, and ...

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  • Looking At Other Distractions That Cause Crashes

    Many drivers realize that car accidents can take place when someone is under the influence of alcohol, fails to stop at a sign, goes over the speed ...

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  • PTSD And Traffic Collisions

    Those who are hurt in a traffic collision could have a long road to recovery for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, victims are left with deep physical ...

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