Can Novocain Cause Permanent Injuries?

Can Novocain Cause Permanent Injuries?

If you go to the dentist to get work done in Maryland, you will likely get Novocain. This common pain medication numbs your mouth so you do not feel pain as the dentist works. For most people, the trip to the dentist is uneventful. However, sometimes, complications arise.

According to Colgate, getting Novocain often causes temporary issues with facial paralysis in the injection area. This is very normal. As the medication wears off, the paralysis does too. Sometimes, though, additional issues occur. You may notice a rapid heartbeat, which is a side effect, but one that should not occur, so report it to your dentist. You may be unable to open or close your eyelid. Typically, this is temporary, but if it lasts beyond the numbing sensation, it can be a problem.

If the needle hit a blood vessel, it may cause a hematoma. This should go away in time. However, if the needle hits a nerve, it can cause lasting effects and damage. Nerve damage is the most severe issue, but it is rare. If this occurs, it may be permanent or last for a few months. You may need further medical attention if you experience lasting nerve damage.

Going to the dentist is generally very safe. Issues with the anesthesia do not happen often. Most people will have the effects of the numbness for a few hours, but they wear off. Lasting effects do not usually occur. This information is for educational purposes only. It is not legal advice.


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