Hospital Visit Reveals Horrific Signs Of Nursing Home Neglect

Hospital Visit Reveals Horrific Signs Of Nursing Home Neglect

It is often said that patient care (particularly care for the elderly) should be a collaborative effort between patients, family members, and caregivers. Those who entrust their loved ones to the care of nursing homes may be prepared to work with the staffs of such facilities to ensure residents remain in good health. Stories of residents being combative or refusing food, medicine or other attention may not be uncommon. Yet the only way caregivers can involve a resident's family in overcoming such issues is to share that information. When that does not happen, claims made in defense on such non-disclosures may certainly be met with skepticism.

Even law enforcement officials were reported to be shocked and disturbed at the condition a Tennessee nursing home resident was found in. His daughter noticed him running a fever. First responders say they found him sitting in feces when they arrived to transport him to the hospital. At the hospital, several other signs of neglect were immediately identified. The man had several open wounds, severely dry skin and bruising. Maggots were also seen accumulating in amputation wounds in his lower extremities.

The charge nurse at the nursing home claimed that the man had refused care. One may be forced to question, however, why was his family not notified of this refusal. In this and cases like it, early intervention may save a nursing home resident from suffering needlessly. Yet such intervention is only possible if caregivers are willing to take the steps needed to provide it. Those who fail to do so may certainly be viewed as being negligent in their duties. People looking to hold others accountable for such negligence may find an attorney to be a great resource for advice and assistance.

Source: "Open wounds, maggots discovered on nursing home resident"Taylor, Erin and Jacobson, Stacy, Oct. 11, 2017


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