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How can I spot signs of hypothermia?

With colder weather moving into Maryland comes higher risks for you if you work outside. Whether you work construction, on a farm or in another outdoor job, wintertime means cold and wet weather that puts your health at risk. It is essential that you learn the signs and symptoms of hypothermia.

The Mayo Clinic explains hypothermia is when your body temperature drops and the body cannot heat it back up fast enough. When your temperature goes below 95 degrees, it causes your body to react. Some first symptoms may include uncontrollable shivering or the loss of feeling in your fingers and toes. You may also notice your skin is red and cold. You may start breathing slower and your heart rate may slow down as well.

How can we lower healthcare costs?

One of the most debated topics in Maryland these days is the price of healthcare. The costs seem to keep rising, and no matter what lawmakers do, it does not seem to help. Despite claims that there is nothing insurance companies can do to lower costs, there are things that they can do that may help bring down the costs.

According to Forbes, it is mainly communication that will help to lower costs and make healthcare more affordable for everyone. It starts with you being able to understand your bill and your coverage better. Insurance companies need to be clear about pricing and make it easy to see how much you will spend on premiums, deductibles and services. Billing also needs to be clearer. You should be able to look at a healthcare bill and understand it clearly without having to call someone and get it explained to you.

What should I look for when choosing a nursing home?

You want only the best care for your aging loved one. That’s why making the right decision when it comes to nursing home care is so important, which can be assessed during a preliminary visit. In this case, AARP offers the following tips on how to choose a high-quality nursing home.

Use your ears

How are truck accidents different than car crashes?

Truck accidents are different from conventional auto accidents in Maryland for a number of reasons. Some of these differences are probably very obvious to you. However, you would have to have some experience in either law or the ground-freight logistics industry to automatically know some of the other factors that lead to drawn-out injury cases, teams of lawyers representing the defense and complex insurance matters in many commercial vehicle cases.

Generally speaking, there is a major physical difference in the way large commercial vehicles behave when they collide versus the way smaller ones do. As you might expect, this tends to create extreme consequences for truck accident victims. Seeking compensation for these severe injuries could pose some challenges for you, however

How does winter weather affect trucks?

As everyone's mind begins to move towards winter, it is especially important that truck drivers take this time to become familiar with the challenges they may face on Maryland roadways as the weather turns colder. If you drive a truck, understanding how snow and ice impact your vehicle and how you drive becomes very important to keeping yourself and others safe when you drive.

Smart-Trucking explains that winter driving requires more control and better skills. Seasoned truckers often do not struggle, but if you are a new driver, it requires extra concentration to avoid an accident. You need to be on top of your safety skills and aware at all times. Winter is not a time for distracted driving. Good decision-making skills and the ability to make decisions fast are essential skills for this time of year.

What should you do after a car crash?

If you live or reside in Maryland and have gotten into a crash there, you'll have many things on your plate. Financial issues, police reports, potential court appearances, and of course, negotiating with your insurance. Wilson & Parlett, injury lawyers, are here to explain what you should focus on in the aftermath of a crash.

On a personal level, you'll have many things to deal with already. Things like medical bills, taking time off of work, and focusing on recovery. You may also have to worry about replacing car parts or getting a new vehicle, which can add to your stress. Healing can be a difficult endeavor when your mind is occupied by all of these potential problems.

What injuries must be reported at work?

Your employer in Maryland probably carries workers' compensation insurance as required under the law. If you get into an accident and are injured at work, you have the right to make a claim under this insurance. However, not every injury is covered. It is important that you understand what injuries must be reported so you can ensure you get proper coverage.

To begin with, the Workers' Compensation Commission explains you must make sure the injury falls under those covered by workers' compensation. The law is pretty specific. The injury must result from an accident that occurs during the course of your employment. This may seem like a simple statement, but it can get complicated.

How to drive safely over the holiday season

Many Maryland motorists will find themselves on the road this holiday season. While traveling can be fun, it’s also important that you take the proper steps to prevent serious accidents from occurring. The following tips will help you do just that, thereby ensuring you arrive to your destination safe and sound.

According to AAA, mapping the route you plan to take beforehand can be extremely helpful. That way you’ll know when you’re supposed to reach your destination, as well as how much traffic you’ll need to deal with on the way. Before leaving on your journey, consider having your car serviced by an auto mechanic. Proper maintenance can actually prevent accidents from happening, which is essential on a long trip.

How should nursing homes care for a person with Alzheimer’s?

If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you may be thinking about securing quality nursing home care in Maryland. To ensure the resident’s needs are sufficiently met, it’s important for a facility to follow certain guidelines when it comes to Alzheimer’s or dementia care, which entails quite a few challenges. The Alzheimer’s Association makes the following recommendation in this case, which explains the fundamentals of providing quality care.

An assessment must be performed

Defensive driving may protect you from a head-on collision

When you are driving your daily commute in Maryland, it may be easy to become distracted or to fall into your day-to-day thoughts and routine and merely go through the motions of driving. However, it is imperative that you stay alert and vigilant to recognize hazards on the road that could instantly turn dangerous if you do not react with confidence. While some accidents are inevitable, others can be avoided entirely if you are careful and plan to be prepared for the unexpected. At Wilson & Parlett Injury Lawyers, we have helped many people to cope with the aftermath of severe car accidents. 

One of the most dangerous and violent collisions is when you hit another vehicle head-on. Often, this impact can be enough to seriously injure or even kill you depending on the conditions that caused the crash and how hard the impact was. According to Schilli Transportation, head-on collisions are caused by a variety of reasons including drifting, speeding and confusion. If you are not paying attention, you may start to cross over the median and into oncoming traffic. If you are speeding and too close to the centerline, you are also more likely to cross the median. Finally, if you have not noticed essential road signs that indicate which side of the road you should be driving on, you may end up driving in the wrong direction. 

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