Numerous Red Flags Lead To Ousting Of Hospital Management

Numerous Red Flags Lead To Ousting Of Hospital Management

Each day, numerous medical patients in Maryland rely on their health care provider to give them the kind of high-quality care that will enable them to have access to a treatment plan that meets their personal needs. However, there are times when for various reasons from poor communication to deliberate ignorance, that doctors are unable to protect their patients.

An example of one such incident comes out of Houston, Texas where an entire level of upper management was replaced at a hospital after numerous allegations of poor operating practices. The hospital's missteps were really brought to light after an emergency room patient received a blood transfusion that was not a correct match. The error ultimately led to the patient's death. Additional complaints revealed common concerns about the hospital's nursing care, as well as complaints from several patients about complications they had experienced after bypass surgery.

Most notable of the concerns was the fact that their renowned heart transplant program was seeing a concerning number of patient deaths despite claims that the program is one of the highest-rated in the state. In response, the decision was made to replace nearly an entire level of management with other leaders taking the initiative to step down on their own.

If people have been injured because of the negligence of their health care provider, they may benefit from partnering with an attorney who can represent them in a court setting. Legal professionals are able to look at the evidence in a victim's case as they work to formulate an argument that gives the victim a chance at getting compensation.

Source:, "Hospital replaces leadership after blood transfusion mistake," Jan. 19, 2019


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