How Do I Tell If Nursing Home Is Abusing My Grandmother?

How Do I Tell If Nursing Home Is Abusing My Grandmother?

Abuse against your grandmother and other Maryland nursing home residents can occur in a number of ways. That is why it is so important that you, as a loved one, use your visits with your grandmother to also keep a keen eye out for such abuse or neglect.

Be aware that abuse can be physical or verbal. Look out for the typical visual signs of abuse, certainly. But if you do not see any, abuse may occur without leaving tell-tale signs.

Non-visual signs of abuse

As reported by, there is a number of things to look out for during your visit to the nursing home. One primary indicator of a problem may be if your loved elder exhibits an unusual or sudden change in behavior while displaying agitation or annoyance. She may even become angry.

If she actually tells you someone is hurting her, take it seriously. Nursing home patients often suffer dementia and may have memory problems or even perception limitations. It may be difficult to find your grandmother to be credible or reliable. However, dementia patients are often the victims of abuse because people do not believe them when they speak up.

According to the CEO of the Medicaid Advisory Group, nine out of 10 times, the resident who speaks up about abusive incidents, be they physical or verbal, have actually suffered mistreatment in the home.

The CEO further recommends that you immediately communicate with the nursing station and follow up by reporting your concerns or discovery to the nursing home administrators.

Seeking remedy via court or arbitration

In the event you conclude there has been abuse or neglect and after you have your grandmother safely taken care of, your thoughts may later go to holding the nursing home accountable. As noted by the Medicaid Advisory Group, you can likely sue the nursing home for the injury to your grandmother or seek remedy via arbitration.


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