How Can My Teenaged Son, A New Driver, Best Avoid Accidents?

How Can My Teenaged Son, A New Driver, Best Avoid Accidents?

As reported by Edmunds, when driving locally in areas he is generally familiar with, he should familiarize himself with his vehicle’s blind spots. As a previous non-driver, he probably never took note. While properly positioned vehicle mirrors are valuable, they are not blind-spot proof. He should physically turn his head to see the road lanes beside him that his mirrors may not make him privy to.

He should keep his hands properly on the wheel

While some people use the ten o’clock and two o’clock hands position upon the steering wheel, Edmunds recommends the nine o’clock and three o’clock position for maximum wheel control when you need to move that wheel fast to avoid an impending collision.

He should remain aware of the nuances of other drivers and vehicles

Interesting, you can also advise him to judge the book by the cover with regard to the condition of another driver’s vehicle. A banged up or dirty vehicle may point to an inattentive driver. Similarly, a driver drifting too much on the roadway can mean a tired or impaired driver to stay away from.

He should keep right

Also, stay clear of the left-hand lane because it provides fewer options to avoid an accident if one is heading his way. It also is where most highway accidents occur. This may be because to the left of the left lane is typically a barrier or oncoming traffic, leaving only the lane immediately to the right for consideration. However, that may be the lane where the pending collision is. Staying in the center or in the right lane provides more options for avoiding a collision.

He should intimately know his car

Lastly, the more your son knows his own vehicle, the safer he may be. He should learn how well the brakes work under varying conditions, so he can plan better for quick stops. He will also want to learn how best to negotiate turns, what speed most accommodates various degrees of curve.


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