Workplace Fatalities More Common For Older Workers

Workplace Fatalities More Common For Older Workers

Age is a factor that many Upper Marlboro area workers might not take into consideration when they think of workplace safety. They might be so concerned with having a steady paycheck that they do not recognize they are more likely to suffer serious and even fatal injuries in accidents that occur on the job as they grow older.

According to, overall, the number of fatal workplace accidents is decreasing across the country, yet the rate of fatality for older employees continues to go up. Seniors have fragile bodies and are more susceptible to critical injuries and ailments when falls, burns and other trauma occur on the job. They also face longer recoveries and an increased risk of life-threatening complications developing from their injuries.

There are a variety of factors that lead to casualties on the job for seniors. Older people have longer life expectancies and are staying in the workforce longer. They have health conditions and slower reflexes and thought processes. They may also encounter issues keeping up in fast-paced work environments. Though their age has an impact on their overall safety at the job, seniors have lower accident rates than any other age group of workers, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Employers must use preventative measures and incorporate safety policies, training, and equipment to prevent workplace accidents. Employers should also take into account age-related risk factors like coordination, vision, hearing and physical impairments and capacities as they work towards making work environments safer and hazard-free for all employees.


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