The Red Flags Of A Bad Nursing Home

The Red Flags Of A Bad Nursing Home

Most Maryland residents are familiar with nursing homes on some level. Despite how difficult it may be, making the decision to place a loved one in someone else's care is sometimes the best option for everyone involved. The most crucial aspect of this decision, however, is that of the medical professionals and nursing home staff themselves. Can they be trusted? Below are some red flags to watch out for when searching for a new place of residence for an elderly person in need.

Care Pathways provides some common warning signs that a nursing home may not be as reliable as it seems:

  • The resident is more confused or drowsy than normal
  • The resident has poor personal hygiene
  • The resident has broken bones or other unexplained injuries
  • The resident is withdrawn and isolated

In addition to these signs, Care Pathways shares that feelings of anxiety, fear, embarrassment and agitation are also red flags a resident can exhibit at a nursing home. Other signs include poor supervision and bedsores -- both of which could point toward neglect.

Next Avenue also takes a look at the issue of nursing home neglect, stating that unsanitary living conditions is another red flag. Not only does a dirty space reflect poor cleaning skills on the part of the staff; it also shows that the facility as a whole does not value the cleanliness of its environment nor its residents. Lack of nutrition is another unnecessary but common problem in nursing homes. Next Avenue points out that malnutrition and dehydration are incredibly serious issues deserving of immediate attention. Because each person's needs are vital to their wellbeing, it is important that family members and friends watch out for the potential warning signs in order to provide the best care for a loved one.


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