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How to Drive Safely in Poor Weather Conditions

Wind and rain storms can pose quite a few risks to Maryland motorists. When faced with inclement weather, drivers must utilize safe practices to preserve their safety as well as the safety of others who share the road with them. If you have questions about how to properly navigate stormy conditions in your vehicle, Travelers provides the following answers.

What Should I Do When Involved in a Car Accident?

Even the safest Maryland drivers may find themselves faced with an accident from time to time. If this happens to you knowing how to handle the situation is of the utmost importance, from both a safety perspective as well as a legal one. To better prepare you, offers the following advice to drivers so they can be sure to react appropriately when involved in an accident.

When someone suffers a heart attack while driving

Roads can be dangerous for different reasons, from the intentional and reckless behavior of negligent drivers to weather-related events that create risks on the road (snow, fog, ice, etc.). However, there are far more reasons why motor vehicle crashes take place, such as those caused by health conditions. Among the many health conditions that can lead to a traffic collision, it is very dangerous for everyone on the road when a driver suffers a heart attack while behind the wheel. Heart attacks can cause a driver to lose control of his or her vehicle, crossing over into another lane, colliding with a vehicle in front of them, or driving off of the road altogether.

3 teens involved in serious car accident in Bowie

Every time one steps into a vehicle driven by another in Upper Marlboro, he or she is entrusting (either knowingly or inadvertently) his or her safety to that driver. By extension, so is his or her family. Thus, when passengers are killed or injured in car accidents, they and/or their families may be placed in the difficult position of having to make the drivers legally liable for the outcome. This may not be by choice; the need for monetary assistance to cover their accident expenses may require them to do so. 

What are the cell phone driving laws in Maryland?

Maryland has been kicking up its efforts to curb highway auto accidents in recent years with distracted driving becoming a major focus. According to the state's Moving Vehicle Administration, distracted driving is responsible for an average of 27,000 injuries and fatalities annually with cell phone use being a common variable.

Heroin said to be the cause of fatal accident in Annapolis

No one ever anticipated being involved in a car accident in Upper Marlboro given that most are fairly confident in their own driving skills. The assumption, then, is that being a skilled driver automatically equates to being able to avoid collisions. However. no amount of driving skill may make up for the fact that one is always at risk of encountering another on the road that may share his or her commitment to responsible driving. In such a case, even experienced drivers may not to be able avoid the potentially devastating consequences that can accompany one person's allegedly irresponsible behavior. 

How Can I Avoid Distracted Driving?

It’s estimated that as many as nine people a day lose their lives to distracted driving accidents occurring in the U. S. Dangerous behaviors that prevent you from remaining focused on the road must be avoided, which is why it’s crucial that drivers in Maryland take caution when behind the wheel. The following safe-driving tips from Geico can help curb bad habits and preserve the safety of motorists as well as passengers.

How can my teenaged son, a new driver, best avoid accidents?

As reported by Edmunds, when driving locally in areas he is generally familiar with, he should familiarize himself with his vehicle’s blind spots. As a previous non-driver, he probably never took note. While properly positioned vehicle mirrors are valuable, they are not blind-spot proof. He should physically turn his head to see the road lanes beside him that his mirrors may not make him privy to.

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