Who Causes More Truck Accidents? Preventing Collisions

Who Causes More Truck Accidents? Preventing Collisions

Many Maryland area motorists are not aware of how much of a danger they are to themselves when they drive near commercial vehicles. According to the Commercial Carrier Journal, in collisions between passenger cars and trucks, passenger vehicle operators were at fault 80 percent of the time.

They take far too many risks that compromise everyone’s safety on the roads. Their vehicles have an advantage because they are smaller, weigh less and can move much quicker than semi-trucks, tractor trailers, and big rigs. Many other factors, such as distractions, fatigue, and tight delivery schedules can make being in the presence of large trucks and commercial vehicles downright frightening and an inconvenience for drivers, causing them to resort to risky driving behavior, not realizing their actions can make their situations much worse.

Collisions with trucks and large commercial vehicles are more likely to result in severe injuries and casualties. Commercial vehicles are significantly heavier and larger than passenger vehicles and can cause much more harm to accident victims than car accidents. To reduce the chances of accidents with trucks, motorists should work on their driving habits.

Though motorists can take measures to avoid crashing into big trucks and commercial vehicles, accidents are not always easy to avoid. They should always wear seatbelts, require passengers to wear them and stay focused on the roads and conscious of the driving behaviors of all other motorists. Truckers may have more driving experience and training. They are human and may make mistakes or have poor driving habits that make driving riskier. Regular motorists should take time to learn how their driving performance near trucks can impact their safety.


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