Distracted Driving At The Heart Of Most Car Accidents

Distracted Driving At The Heart Of Most Car Accidents

While road conditions and vehicle maintenance can be linked to causing a great number of auto accidents, the overwhelming culprit remains driver error. Accident investigations have shown that driver attention can be linked to the majority of car crashes each year and with staggering costs. The human death toll, brain injury, pain and suffering that results from a moment of distraction is tragic.

A great deal has been done to improve vehicle safety and road conditions. However, the efforts to prevent drunk driving, texting, and driving as well as the litany of other distractions, seems to have been less effective. State and federal programs meant to educate the public about the dangers of distracted driving and the resulting car accidents have been matched with stiffer penalties. The Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles has instituted programs and laws aimed at addressing the very real issue of negligent driving.

The three 'C's' of safe driving have been around for many years: the condition of the road, the condition of the vehicle and the condition of the driver. However, these rules of self-assessment don't address the heart of what causes most accidents; distraction.

When a person climbs behind the wheel, they should be cognizant of the high price of negligence, their personal liability and the effect it can have on others. If one were to take up a sport, for example, hours of training and coaching would be required to achieve a high level of proficiency and the same can be said for driving. Even with careful training and preparation, car accidents can happen and may lead to a subsequent accident investigation. Those who find themselves in this position may benefit from seeking the advice of an attorney.


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