The Continuing Discussion Of Bill HB 377

The Continuing Discussion Of Bill HB 377

For most of us, having a baby is a joyous time, a time to welcome a new member into the family. It is a time to celebrate and prepare for the new arrival. However, no amount of planning can ever prepare you for the possibly devastating effects that result from complications during delivery.

In today's modern society, the birth of a baby is often left to obstetricians and gynecologists. We trust in their abilities and in the abilities of hospital professionals who are there to assist them in delivering our new bundle of joy into the world. However, they are human and even the most careful precautions can be overlooked and have life-changing consequences. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the baby may be born with an illness or disability that can leave a family mentally, physically and financially drained. The proposed Maryland No-Fault Birth Injury bill HB 377, is looking into ways to help ease these burdens for families.

There are numerous publications covering the proposed introduction of bill HB 377 including the Maryland Reporter where they discuss the heated debate over whether or not Maryland should adopt a birth injury fund similar to other states such as Florida and Virginia. After being introduced nearly 3 years ago, it is still uncertain as to whether or not this bill will be passed. However, one thing is certain, those unfortunately affected by birth injuries resulting from medical malpractice should seek legal counsel to help wade through the numerous options available for compensation.

Facing a birth injury can be emotionally draining on any family. However, when those injuries are a result of a doctor or hospital negligence, they can be devastatingly hard to deal with. For those individuals, seeking immediate legal counsel to help understand the intricacies of bill HB 377, as well as other options available, may be beneficial as there are very precise laws regarding what can be classified as medical malpractice.

Source: Maryland Reporter, "Debate continues over creating no-fault birth injury fund", Feb. 15, 2016


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