How To Drive Safely In Poor Weather Conditions

How To Drive Safely In Poor Weather Conditions

Wind and rain storms can pose quite a few risks to Maryland motorists. When faced with inclement weather, drivers must utilize safe practices to preserve their safety as well as the safety of others who share the road with them. If you have questions about how to properly navigate stormy conditions in your vehicle, Travelers provides the following answers.

Driving During Rain Storms

Driving with torrential rain can be hazardous due to lowered visibility, especially at night. However, when roads are slick motorists also face a risk of hydroplaning, which occurs when your tires lose contact with the road and are actually travel on the surface of the water. The slower you go, the less risk you have of hydroplaning. You’ll also have greater control of your vehicle when traveling at a slower speed, thereby allowing you to correct a skid. You should ensure there is enough space between you and other vehicles, and that your lights are on to combat low visibility and ensure other motorists see you.

Driving During High Winds

If you’re driving on the highway during a storm, high winds can be dangerous. This is especially true for taller vehicles, which face a risk of tipping depending on the conditions. If you feel a gust of wind move your vehicle, be sure to keep your hands firmly planted on the wheel. You should also be cautious when sharing the road with commercial trucks and buses. These vehicles are especially vulnerable during wind storms and can easily be pushed over or into another lane of traffic. In terms of distractions, put your smartphone on silent and refrain from changing the radio stations or adjusting your GPS until you’ve stopped your vehicle.


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