How To Spot The Signs Of A Traumatic Brain Injury

How To Spot The Signs Of A Traumatic Brain Injury

Whether you have been in a catastrophic collision or a minor fender bender, you may suffer from serious injuries as a result of a car accident. One of the most common accident injuries is traumatic brain damage. In fact, traumatic brain damage is involved in approximately 30 percent of all injury deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At least 153 people lose their lives to brain injuries every day. Motor vehicle accidents are the third leading cause of traffic accident fatalities in the United States. While some signs of brain injury are obvious, there are others that are not. Many people may not know that they have a brain injury until days, weeks or even months after the accident occurs.

It is crucial that you are able to spot the signs of traumatic brain injury, as immediate medical attention can greatly increase your chance of recovery. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association lists certain warning signs that may indicate you have a certain degree of brain damage. These include the following:

  • Persistent headaches, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Dizziness, muscle tingling and seizures.
  • Difficulties concentrating or focusing.
  • Decrease in ability to hear, smell, see or communicate with others.
  • Agitation or changes in ability to sleep.

Symptoms of brain damage will vary depending on what area of the brain was injured, as well as the degree of damage that was done. When the soft tissue of the brain is injured, it can cause swelling, bleeding, and inflammation, which can cause further problems if not attended to quickly.

This information is intended to educate and should not be taken as legal advice.


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