Motorists Should Remain Cautious Of Aggressive Drivers

Motorists Should Remain Cautious Of Aggressive Drivers

There is no question that motorists can get restless and anxious when made to wait in heavy traffic conditions, especially when they are in a rush to get somewhere. The fact is that aggressive drivers are responsible for a number of serious car accidents, injuries and deaths in Maryland and across the U.S. Not only should motorists be careful to not engage in any aggressive driving behaviors, but it is crucial that people be on the lookout for other reckless drivers in an attempt to avoid becoming victimized in a catastrophic car accident.

According to AAA, almost 80 percent of motorists admitted to engaging in aggressive driving. Furthermore, men are more likely to display these behaviors than women. These aggressive behaviors include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Tailgating or following too closely
  • Changing lanes rapidly between vehicles
  • Honking the horn excessively or giving hand gestures to other drivers
  • Cutting off drivers
  • Going through red lights or stop signs

In some serious cases of road rage, drivers have been known to actually hit into another car or approach motorists at stoplights spewing obscenities. Experts warn drivers to avoid eye contact and do not engage with these hot-tempered motorists.

The Governors Highway Safety Administration stated that there are 11 states with clear laws involving aggressive drivers, and Maryland is one of them. In Maryland, a driver is considered aggressive when engaged in any three of the following behaviors: overtaking and passing, driving on laned roadways, failure to obey traffic control devices, passing on right, failure to yield to the right of way, following too closely or speeding.


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