How The Car Of The Future May Be Insured

How The Car Of The Future May Be Insured

The car of tomorrow may not have a steering wheel. As a matter of fact, it may not have a designated driver or passenger side; meaning that it would not have a brake pedal or accelerator. Yes, the driver-less car of the future would rely on advanced technology that is currently being featured in a number of 2017 models.

Essentially, as radar usage, motion sensors and cameras become more advanced, it may be as if a number of computer-driven eyes will constantly scan the immediate area and steer the vehicle as needed. This includes stopping the car as necessary.

These technological developments may require significant changes in how insurance policies are written. With many policies of today being personal liability protection policies, which are designed to compensate injuries and property damage caused by human lapses, the policies of the future may be solely product liability policies, which cover technological malfunctions that could possibly lead to accidents.

Because of this, it is expected that engineers and lawmakers will have to work together to create rules and regulations that make sense. This may also lead to significant changes regarding insurance coverage. With self-driving cars becoming available and being a regular function in big cities (which may take the place of taxi cabs) many people may give up their cars and subscribe to ride-sharing services. This may lead insurers down an uncertain path.

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how insurers will offer packages. Perhaps they may offer protection bundles in the same way that mobile service providers offer cable, Internet and wireless products do.


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