Everyone Loses As Alleged Racers Face Sentencing

Everyone Loses As Alleged Racers Face Sentencing

There are no winners when it comes to justice after the wrongful and untimely death of your loved ones. At the end of the day, your loved ones are still gone. However, any time you hold people accountable for their actions, you set a precedent and send a message that has the potential to reach more people and save more lives.

In the case of a young mother in Maryland, her message is one of immeasurable heartache and a cautionary tale for those who think impromptu racing on city streets is fun. A twenty-something army reservist and a small-business owner and father of five started an impromptu race.

The young mother's car was ripped apart as a result of the impact of two speeding cars hitting hers as her husband tried to pull out at an intersection and navigate a left-hand turn. And with a crushed leg, she lay on the sidewalk calling to paramedics to find her baby. They did. Her baby had been ejected from the car while still in the car seat and had finally come to rest upside down on a sidewalk. As she would later learn, her brother was dead, as was her husband and baby girl.

A turbo-charged Passat and a newly purchased red Camaro, two strangers and a stretch of residential road. Who could expect, when pulling out onto a neighborhood street in Maryland that cresting a hill and giving no time to react, would be two separate instruments of death, coming unyielding to claim your family and destroy your life?

It happened on Georgia Ave. in Montgomery County. Unfortunately, it could happen to any of us. Seek out a car accident attorney. Send a message and seek damages; you may save a life by getting one person to stop and think.

Source: The Washington Post, "Two speeding cars, one horrific crash, and--in an instant--a mom with no family," Dan Morse and Arells R. Hernandez, May 8, 2016


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