Why Driving At Night May Increase The Risk Of An Accident

Why Driving At Night May Increase The Risk Of An Accident

If you travel along Maryland roadways once the sun has set, you are not alone. Many people have errands and functions that require them to navigate the roads in the dark. What you may not know is that your risk of being involved in a fatal car accident is three times higher at night, according to the National Safety Council. At Wilson & Parlett, we know that driving in the dark can be deadly and believe it is important for people to understand the dangers of nighttime driving.

Nighttime motorists face several issues that may not be present when driving during the daytime. The darkness alone is one of the biggest hazards, as people are not able to see as well in the dark. Not only does the depleted light source limit peoples' ability to see objects in the road, but the glare from oncoming headlights can cause temporary blindness. In addition, nighttime drivers may have a harder time judging the distance and speed of approaching vehicles, and could inadvertently pull out or turn in front of them.

Although there are drowsy, drunk and otherwise negligent drivers out on the roads during the day, the prevalence of these reckless motorists is more likely at night. When these risk factors are combined with motorists who use their while behind the wheel or are otherwise distracted, the results can be catastrophic. Distracted driving car accidents can cause serious injuries and even death to innocent and unsuspecting people.

To learn more about distracted driving, visit our page on motor vehicle accidents.


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