Common Office Injuries

Common Office Injuries

Office workers in Maryland are susceptible to several types of injuries if the workplace is not organized properly. According to the University of Michigan, extended hours spent at a desk each day could cause more than simply strain upon the neck and back. In fact, some office employees experience hearing problems as a result of this environment. Regular exposure to loud equipment, or even phones, could cause varying degrees of damage. This type of work could also result in impaired vision and difficulty focusing. Combined with the risk of carpal tunnel and related repetitive stress injuries, in addition to slip-and-fall accidents, these problems can turn the office into a hazardous work environment.

Some office injuries may be avoided by taking preventative measures. First, the office should have proper lighting. Having work lights at each station may reduce eye strain. Each workstation should also be adjusted for the individual employee. Computer screens should be at eye level in order to promote good posture. The workplace should provide for ergonomic chairs, as well as keyboards, if possible. Installing carpet and noise-reducing dividers may help mitigate noise-related injuries. states that, in order to minimize the risk of falls, it is important to keep the workplace neat and orderly. Cabinets and drawers that are left open, or that are too overstuffed to close properly, can present a tripping hazard. Computer cords and similar equipment should not stretch across walkways, or partially block the aisles. All walkways should be cleaned regularly. Employees who lift heavy objects, such as boxes of paper, should be trained on how to do so without straining the back.


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