Are Autonomous Cars Ready For The Roads? Some Say No

Are Autonomous Cars Ready For The Roads? Some Say No

If you follow the news like we do, particularly news about technology advancements for vehicles, then you're probably looking forward to autonomous cars. Able to scan the environment around them, autonomous cars promise a future void of accidents caused by human error. Less crashes mean fewer injuries and the possibility of a lower risk of wrongful death as well.

But despite steps by companies like Google and its now famous Google car, autonomous cars may still be decades away from being introduced to the public. And after hearing about a recent Google car crash, our Maryland readers can see why.

Unlike other crashes involving the Google car where the autonomous car was found to not be at fault, a recent collision between the Google car and a bus proved to be the fault of the car. According to a Reuters report, the vehicle, as well as the test driver, miscalculated the movements of a nearby bus, thereby causing the two vehicles to collide. This most recent crash shows that while we may be ready for autonomous vehicles, autonomous vehicles aren't quite ready for us.

Though a future filled with autonomous cars promises to be a world with fewer crashes, it's important for our Upper Marlboro readers to understand that crashes may still occur. If a vehicle offers the ability for the driver to take control of the vehicle, an autonomous car may still crash leaving the driver at fault. If the onboard systems fail, a serious collision could occur leaving the manufacturer liable for any injuries or deaths.

The truth of the matter is this: while autonomous cars may be able to reduce the likelihood of a serious or fatal accident, they cannot stop them from happening altogether. This means that our readers, as well as drivers throughout Maryland and the nation, should remember their right to seek compensation after a crash through a personal injury claim.


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