Skilled Virginia Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Workers in Virginia who are injured on the job or suffer a disability because of a work-related occupational disease have the right to file for workers' compensation benefits. Unfortunately, employers will often deny that the injury was work-related or the insurance company will refuse to pay the full benefits that the injured worker would be entitled to.

If you are entitled to file for workers' compensation in Virginia, but have been denied or have been refused your full benefit, then it may be time to consult with an experienced lawyer at Wilson & Parlett. We have decades of experience fighting back against employers and insurance companies who deny or delay claims. Your injuries are real, and we are here to help you get the benefits that you deserve.

What Benefits Are Available?

Benefits vary according to the level of your injury and your ability to continue work on a reduced basis. Initially, you may qualify for temporary total disability, meaning you cannot work at all during your recovery period. You will receive two-thirds of your average weekly wages while you are in this category.

When you have reached maximum medical improvement, you may be able to return to work on a reduced capacity, but at a lower wage. If you find yourself in this situation, you may qualify for temporary partial disability, for which you will be paid a percentage of the difference between your former pay wage and your reduced pay.

If you suffered a permanent disability you may be entitled to an award for your permanent partial disability, and in severe cases where you are unable to return to work as a result of your injuries you may be entitled to a permanent total disability award, or a lump sum settlement. You may also qualify for disability benefits through the federal Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, and our attorneys would be happy to discuss your rights and coordinate your benefits

Appealing A Denied Claim
It is not unusual for initial Virginia workers' compensation claims to be denied, often on technical grounds. Bring your denial letter to us. We will review what went wrong and help you file a claim to challenge that decision. We regularly appear before the Workers' Compensation Commission to aggressively advocate for our clients throughout their hearing process.

We Get Paid Only A Percentage Of The Amount You Receive

If you are worried that paying us will cost you more than your Virginia workers' compensation claim is worth, don't be. By law, we are allowed to be paid only a percentage of the amount of money you are owed. The percentage is set by the commission, but is typically between 15 and 20 percent of your total recovery. You will never pay your lawyer more than the amount of benefits you receive.

Can You Sue For Additional Compensation For Your Injuries?

In most cases, you forfeit your right to sue your employer when you file for workers' compensation benefits in Virginia. However, under certain circumstances you may be entitled to sue a negligent third party who caused your injuries. We will discuss third-party injury litigation when we meet to talk about your workers' compensation claim or appeal.

No Fees Unless You Receive Money. Even The Consultation Is Free.

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