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Misdiagnosis can lead to serious injuries

When patients visit an outpatient clinic or the emergency room in Maryland and across the country, they may expect to receive a thorough examination, diagnosis and a possible treatment plan. In some cases, however, physicians may fail to provide a diagnosis or may misdiagnose patients altogether. This could lead to significant injuries. At Wilson & Parlett, we know that misdiagnosis occurs more often than some people think. This form of medical negligence can be extremely dangerous to patients across all types of health care settings.

Surgical items left behind in operating sites

Patients who are getting ready to enter the operating room may be nervous about going under the knife. Although meeting with the surgeon prior to the procedure may make you feel more at ease, you still face certain risks and may become the victim of a surgical mistake. In addition to operating on the wrong body part or performing a procedure on the wrong patient, surgical professionals can leave equipment behind in patient’s operating sites. At Wilson & Parlett, we know that the occurrence of these incidents are far and few between, but they are actually more common than you may think.

Do doctors pay for their mistakes?

If you have ever suffered undue injury at the hands of medical professionals who you trusted to cure or treat your symptoms, you may wonder how to hold them accountable and if they will ever truly pay for their mistakes. The truth is, it isn't likely. Despite numerous lawsuit victories against doctors regarding medical malpractice claims, a comparably small percentage have received any board sanctions regarding the obvious occurrences of malpractice.

Medical malpractice and holding the medical system accountable

When faced with an issue regarding our health, we trust our well-being to medical professionals. Much more often than not, this trust is well placed. However, there are instances where it is not. Health professionals are human, and they make mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes have far-reaching repercussions, affecting victims of medical malpractice in life altering, severe and sometimes shocking ways.

The continuing discussion of bill HB 377

For most of us, having a baby is a joyous time, a time to welcome a new member into the family. It is a time to celebrate and prepare for the new arrival. However, no amount of planning can ever prepare you for the possibly devastating effects that result from complications during delivery.

Dentists can make fatal surgical mistakes too

When most people think of the term 'surgical mistake' they oftentimes think of an error committed by a doctor or hospital personnel that led to injuries or the death of a patient. Though this is true, the scope is not just limited to doctors, nurses and other hospital workers. Anyone associated with the medical field, including chiropractors, plastic surgeons and even dentists can make medical mistakes that could end up harming a patient.

Miscommunication: The deadly disease in US hospitals and clinics

Imagine for a moment that one of your loved ones has just come out of surgery. They are complaining of pain localized in the area where the surgery was performed. Unfortunately, that information is never relayed to the attending physician who would have been able to diagnose a serious surgical error in time to correct the mistake. As a result of the medical staffs failure to communicate, your loved one dies, leaving you questioning whether or not to file a civil complaint in the wake of your grief.

Even seemingly proper surgical technique can lead to fatal errors

Our expectations for doctors and surgeons run higher than with most people in other occupations. We believe that because they went to school for so long, they should be experts in the field of medicine. As experts, they should be able to identify when they are in the right and when they are in the wrong.

Why ovarian cancer is often misdiagnosed

Getting an early diagnosis is key for a lot of disease and health conditions. That's because the earlier you catch a disease or serious health condition, the sooner you can start potentially life-saving treatments that could prolong your life or lead to complete remission of a condition altogether.

Is a doctor's apology a sign of regret or admission of fault?

After hearing that someone you know has lost a loved one, it's common practice to offer that person a sign of sympathy by apologizing. Despite the common usage of the term "I'm sorry," you're not actually admitting fault for the loved one's death, merely showing your condolences. The phrase literally tells the other person that you feel bad that they are going through such a rough time in their life.

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