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What is patient dumping?

Earlier this year, a video taken outside the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore went viral due to the shocking content of a woman being abandoned outside the hospital. A man passing by recorded a young female patient clothed in nothing but a hospital gown and socks being escorted out of the building by what appeared to be security guards. The woman was then left alone at a nearby bus stop in freezing temperatures. Thanks to this viral video, the issue of patient dumping became a national headline.

How do heuristics lead to diagnostic errors?

You see and experience things in your life every day in Upper Marlboro (whether it be at home or at work) that help to shape your opinions. Whether you realize it or not, those opinions help to drive your decision-making. Doctors are much the same. They see countless patients in their particular specialties whose conditions, personalities and behaviors influence how those providers may treat other patients. Their daily treatment methods are also often driven by the popular standards and trends in their respective fields. These general "rules of thumb" could really impact how your doctor views and treats you. The question is should they have any influence at all. 

A surgeon's error, but a patient's medical bill

Doctors are professionals people can trust -- or, that is ideally the case. Nevertheless, countless patients in Maryland are devastated to find that a surgeon made an error during a procedure. Many would like to think these incidents only occur in bizarre situations, but the reality is that they can happen anywhere. What options do patients have in these situations, and how can they go about mending the mental, physical and financial damage done?

Warning signs of a bad doctor

Doctors in Maryland have a tremendous responsibility to their patients to provide safe and effective care. However, since not all healthcare professionals take their responsibility seriously enough, it is important for you to be on the lookout for warning signs of a negligent or incompetent doctor. Here at Wilson & Parlett Injury Lawyers, we understand how important your health is, and we work to protect our clients who have suffered from medical neglect or malpractice.

How much time does your doctor actually spend with you?

Like most people in Upper Marlboro, you likely understand that diagnostic medicine may always involve some degree of uncertainty. Despite the many technological tools available to doctors today, they often cannot visualize exact what is wrong with you. Rather, they rely on such tools, as well as their experience, expertise and the information that you give them to come to a diagnosis. Yet you may be right to question how such elements can be adequately employed in treating you when it seems as though a doctor rarely sits down to communicate with you face-to-face. 

Hospital negligence: where to draw the line?

Hospitals are largely seen as symbols of reviving health, physical or mental recovery and even hope. Yet when statistics begin to show that many hospitals fail to follow correct procedures and patients' wishes, this symbol can transform into one of fear. In Maryland, a number of recent cases have, unfortunately, pointed toward medical malpractice and general hospital negligence. Who, many Maryland natives ask, is to blame, and what can be done about this serious issue?

Never events in Maryland hospitals: part 2

In a recent blog post, we noted that patient safety is sometimes threatened or compromised in Maryland hospitals because of never events. At the law offices of Wilson & Parlett, our team often assists clients who have been harmed by medical mistakes or negligence in health care facilities.

Never events in Maryland hospitals: part 1

There are certain types of incidents that patients should never experience while in a Maryland hospital. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, that is why these are called never events, and patient safety experts have determined that these mistakes and the harm they cause are preventable.

What injuries can be caused by epidurals?

Epidurals can be a great relief to mothers who are going through the painful birthing process. Injected by a long syringe into the lower area of the back, the anesthetic essentially numbs the lower part of the body. It is administered through a thin catheter, which allows the medication to flow continuously if needed. At Wilson & Parlett, we understand that although epidurals can be extremely helpful, they can also cause serious injuries if given incorrectly. In some cases, epidurals can cause long-term and potentially permanent injuries that could have a major impact on a person’s life.

Study: Medical errors result in patient death

Americans put a great amount of trust in the healthcare system. Nurses, physicians, pharmacists and other medical professionals are some of the most highly regarded occupations in the nation. Despite their extensive training, experience and knowledge, medical professionals are human and can make mistakes. When they make mistakes, however, the results can be disastrous, even deadly.

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