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Safe driving tips when near large commercial vehicles this winter

As is the case with any state that receives snowfall, winters here in Maryland can be incredibly treacherous on occasion, especially when snow and ice coat the roadways, making them slippery and difficult to traverse. But aside from this obvious danger, there is something else that we'd like our Upper Marlboro readers to keep in mind: how dangerous it can be to drive near large commercial vehicles.

Even though fall has only just begun here in Maryland, we'd like today's readers to remember that winter is just around the corner. By keeping these safe driving techniques in mind, we hope that many of our readers can avoid getting involved in a serious crash when the winter season hits. If that's not possible, and the worst should happen, we hope our readers will also remember their right to obtain a lawyer after a serious motor vehicle accident.

Dangers to look out for when driving near large commercial vehicles

High winds. Even though semi-trucks and large commercial vehicles oftentimes have a lot of weight behind them, they can also be quite tall. When hit by a strong gust of wind, truck drivers can lose control of their vehicle, causing it to swerve into other lanes. If the gust has enough force, it can even cause the truck to tip over, causing even more damage and far more serious injuries in the event other vehicles are involved in the crash.

Blowing snow. Just like as is the case for the average driver, blowing snow can significantly decrease visibility, making it difficult for truck drivers to see the road or even other vehicles. Just because you can see a commercial truck doesn't mean they can see you, which is why giving them a wide birth is a good idea when driving near them.

Snowpack on top of trucks. Because many commercial trucking companies store their vehicles outside, it's not uncommon to see semi trucks with snow on top of them. While light snow may easily blow off the top of the truck while it's moving, this can create poor visibility for nearby drivers. Furthermore, if the snowpack is particularly dense or contains ice, it may come off of a moving truck in sheets or large chunks that can be incredibly dangerous for other motorists.

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