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October 2015 Archives

Is carpal tunnel syndrome covered by Maryland workers' comp?

If you've ever glanced at Maryland's worker's compensation laws or perhaps read our September post regarding injuries covered by workers comp benefits, then you'd know that Maryland law includes a very specific phrase that can create problems for injured workers. Our state laws explain that in order for an injury claim to be covered under insurance, a worker's injuries must have been suffered during the course of employment while performing their duties. This means that not all injuries are covered, only those resulting from work duties or because of the type of work performed.

How an attorney can make a difference after a car accident

In a split second, a car accident can change a life forever. Damage to a vehicle can easily rack up hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repairs. If injuries were suffered in the crash, medical bills may be the next mounting debt that can be equally as frustrating and overwhelming. If the collision was serious enough, the death of a loved one may only exacerbate the situation, leaving funeral and burial costs that few families ever budget for.

Is a doctor's apology a sign of regret or admission of fault?

After hearing that someone you know has lost a loved one, it's common practice to offer that person a sign of sympathy by apologizing. Despite the common usage of the term "I'm sorry," you're not actually admitting fault for the loved one's death, merely showing your condolences. The phrase literally tells the other person that you feel bad that they are going through such a rough time in their life.

Safe driving tips when near large commercial vehicles this winter

As is the case with any state that receives snowfall, winters here in Maryland can be incredibly treacherous on occasion, especially when snow and ice coat the roadways, making them slippery and difficult to traverse. But aside from this obvious danger, there is something else that we'd like our Upper Marlboro readers to keep in mind: how dangerous it can be to drive near large commercial vehicles.

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