Police Misconduct and Abuse

Police Brutality & Misconduct in Washington D.C. and Maryland

At Wilson & Parlett, our attorneys understand that police officers are not above the law. When the actions of police officers unlawfully harm innocent people, claims of misconduct or police brutality may arise. Common cases of police misconduct include use of excessive force, wrongful arrest, and incidents where innocent bystanders are injured when police recklessly pursue fleeing suspects on foot or in vehicles.

Police misconduct litigation is one of the most challenging areas of personal injury law. Every jurisdiction has unique rules regarding notice requirements. Police misconduct can lead to a number of claims based on rights guaranteed by state constitutions, federal statutes, and the United States Constitution. Victims of police misconduct often sustain substantial physical injuries which require expensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. Under certain circumstances, state and federal law may entitle victims to receive punitive damages calculated to deter future police misconduct.

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Remember, there are many potential notice deadlines, statutes of limitation, and other pitfalls to navigate in a typical police misconduct claim. Utilizing the services of an experienced injury lawyer to ensure proper handling of your case will greatly improve the likelihood that you will receive full and fair compensation for your injuries.