Lawyers For People Who Have Lost A Loved One

The unexpected death of a loved one in an accident will change your life forever. Your family will not only have to deal with the emotional loss, but there may also be serious financial damages that can result from unpaid medical bills, loss of income support and loss of affection.

Experienced Wrongful Death Attorneys

If you reside in Maryland, the District of Columbia or Virginia, turn to Wilson & Parlett for aggressive legal representation. Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of spouses and family members who have suffered serious financial damages following the negligent death of a loved one.

We Earned Our Reputation Handling Complex Injury And Fatal Accidents Cases

Wrongful death cases can be very complex and often require litigation. We thoroughly investigate the claim to determine who may be held liable for causing the accident and death. Depending upon the circumstances, there may be more than one party who must share responsibility for paying compensation to the family or the estate. Many times we engage the services of experienced experts who can help establish liability. We then determine the full amount of money you are entitled to recover. Again, this often involves bringing in independent experts to determine the value of lost earnings over an expected lifetime.

We Only Represent The Injured Party — Never The Insurance Company

We represent only the surviving members of the victim's family, and we have vast experience handling these matters and have successfully settled or litigated wrongful death claims against many of the major insurance companies in the country. Wilson & Parlett is well-known in the insurance industry with a reputation for skilled and aggressive advocacy on behalf of its clients. While most wrongful death cases settle in negotiations, we have the professional and financial resources to take cases to court when a reasonable settlement cannot be reached. Our goal is to always deliver fair and prompt compensation, whether by settlement or through litigation.

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Call or send an email today to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation. You will pay no money until you have agreed upon a negotiated settlement or we recover a verdict should your case require litigation. Call us at 301-952-1311or toll free at 877-727-5388.