Personal Injury Lawyers For Truck Accident Claims

Tractor-trailers, large trucks and other commercial vehicles carrying freight are often regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Any violation of the code of regulations can mean the truck driver or the company that owns the truck may be held liable for compensating victims injured in an accident.

Wilson & Parlett, in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, is a well-recognized personal injury litigation firm that represents plaintiffs in truck wreck litigation cases in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia. If you were injured or have lost a loved one in an accident involving a truck or commercial van, schedule a free consultation with one of our truck accident litigation attorneys. Our lawyers are recognized for their commitment to making sure every client gets aggressive representation to recover the maximum money damages he or she is entitled to receive.

Common causes of an 18-wheeler crash and semi accidents that may be the responsibility of the truck driver or freight company include:

  • Truck driver fatigue or trucker fell asleep at the wheel
  • Poor truck maintenance, or brakes or steering failed
  • Unsafe load or unbalanced freight
  • Truck driver DUI
  • Trucker speeding or driving recklessly
  • Truck illegal lane change

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Truck accidents are unique among motor vehicle accident litigation cases because of the large amount of damage and injuries that can result. They are complex because of the high amount of liability that may be at stake for the truck company and the insurance company that covers the vehicle. Truck companies will do everything they can to avoid turning over logbooks and data that might be incriminating. An individual injured in an accident will often need to fight against a team of experienced defense lawyers. That is why you need an experienced team on your side, as well.

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