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Should the FMCSA reconsider enforcing hours of service rules?

It's not often that we can say we relate to the predicaments of celebrities, mostly because their personal lives seem so far removed from our own. But when news broke in June last year of the serious truck accident involving Tracy Morgan and several other comedians, this sentiment suddenly wasn't true anymore because the crash could have easily happened anywhere, which hit close to home for many, including some of our Upper Marlboro readers.

For those who didn't hear about the crash, it happened on June 7, 2014 on the New Jersey Turnpike when a Wal-Mart semi-truck violently rear ended a limousine carrying Morgan and several other comedians. The crash seriously injured Morgan and killed fellow comedian James McNair. It was a tragedy that left more questions than answers.

How to recognize the signs of neglect in a nursing home

In most light-hearted movies involving sons or daughters and their elderly parents, a common phrase is said, "Don't put me in a home." We often laugh off this phrase because we associate it with the idea that putting our parents in a nursing home means that we don't care about them, which is likely not true in most cases.

But in the real world, this phrase may be uttered out of a very real concern for the level of care provided in some nursing homes. While many facilities pride themselves in providing top-notch care day in and day out, reports do surface from time to time regarding facilities where this isn't always the case. In some cases, instances of neglect have been documented. In others, reports have indicated more extreme situations of abuse.

You deserve compensation after suffering a work-related injury

Whether you work in an office or at a construction site, every job comes with some level of danger and the risk of suffering an injury. In some cases, the injury is the direct result of dangerous working conditions. In other cases though, an employee's risk of injury may be due to their employer's negligence. Either way, compensation for work-related injuries is owed to the worker.

But as you may or may not know, collecting workers' compensation benefits after suffering an injury in the workplace isn't always an easy process. Some workers may receive threats from their employer that promise termination of employment if an injury claim is filed. In other cases, an employer may deny the claims made by an injured worker or even alter records in order to get a claim denied. In some instances, workers have even received pushback from their employer's insurance provider who is not willing to pay the claim.

Which is worse: drunk driving or distracted driving?

You'd be hard-pressed to find many people here in Maryland or even across the nation who dislike how easy technology has made our lives. From traffic information at our fingertips while sitting in the car to conversations with friends the world over, technology advancements have certainly given us better and faster access to the world around us.

Unfortunately, the increasing presence of tech devices in our everyday lives has not come without its downfall. Just six years ago, 5,474 were killed in motor vehicle accidents here in the United States where distracted driving was listed as the cause. Of those cases, the direct cause for 995 of them was cellphone use. It's because of statistics like this that we're asking this question:

Is there a statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims?

Whether you live here in Maryland or elsewhere in the United States, chances are you have the same expectations we all have when it comes to the standard of care a person should receive at a hospital or health care facility. Most people expect a facility to be clean and safe. They expect the hospital staff to be well trained and highly knowledgeable. And above all else, we expect we will receive the best care possible regardless of our injury or illness.

Unfortunately, as some of our Upper Marlboro readers may know, this doesn't always happen. Mistakes can be made or staff may be negligent. In the end, its patients and their families who pay the ultimate price because medical mistakes and negligence oftentimes lead to injury and in some cases even death.

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